Paper & Board

MKD International started its paper and board distribution business in 1988 in middle Tennessee by Zaki, Nazih and Kamel Daouk. MKD is a family business with focus on product innovation and customized service to the Southeast and Midwest regions. MKD’s reputation is built on a fair way of doing business with customers and suppliers.

MKD introduced several new and alternative food, beverage and blister packaging grades to the market from global suppliers. With its own technical team and the mills cooperation, most products were carefully adapted with the US market in mind.

With its vast relationships that were built over time, MKD partners with well established merchants in overseas markets, that have solid logistics and distribution centers to export paper & board grades from US mills.

Strategic Synergy

In 2017, MKD International has entered into an agreement with CellMark to jointly develop specific paper and board segments within the North American market. This strategic cooperation brings additional sourcing and provides a wider market reach. As MKD will be delegating its financing and customer service to Cellmark for its current and future business, its new focus will be on solidifying its current business and forming new relationships and expanding market share.

Real estate

Investment in commercial and residential real estate development in the middle Tennessee region is managed by Magnolia Properties. Projects are handled by the Daouk family and some are a joint cooperation or an investment with other development companies.


MKD maintains its pulse on the medical industry as it grows and expands to new frontiers such as genetic editing and anti-aging medicine. In the meantime, MKD’s focus is on sales and marketing of new medical equipment to hospitals, research labs, pharmacies and medical supplies distributors. With its support from CellMark, MKD can source chemicals for pharmaceutical production.

Our History