Litho Label & Top Sheet Lamination

MKD’s choice in the Litho Lam label and Top Sheet are perfect for displaying high-quality graphics on finished products. High brightness and smooth coating of our grades of paper and board show eye-catching graphics that look vibrant and attractive on store shelves.

The laminator equipment for a press in a modern printing house

Features and Advantages

  • High print gloss
  • High brightness
  • Excellent folding properties
  • Developed for high speed lamination
  • Multiple grades to fit the right application


  • Paperboard for litho lamination to corrugated board
  • Litho label for bottles and cans

With a number of options to choose from, MKD International is ready to meet your structural and design needs to make an impact with your product’s presentation. We are proud to offer high-quality solutions for your litho label and top sheet needs. Simply give us a call to start your project now!