MKD has entered into an agreement with CellMark to jointly develop specific paper and board segments within the North American market. This strategic cooperation will bring additional sourcing and provide a wider market reach. MKD will also be delegating its financing and customer service to Cellmark for its current and future business.

MKD will continue its contact with its suppliers and customers and will maintain its relationships and business as usual, Cellmark will be handling the purchasing and invoicing transactions according to MKD’s and CellMark’s guidelines and agreements.

MKD International, Inc. started its paper and board distribution business in 1988 from its headquarters in Middle Tennessee to the Southeast and Midwest regions. Now the majority of its focus lies in the paperboard packaging and laminating end-uses. MKD offers alternative grades with unique properties and advantages matched with customized logistics.

CellMark was founded in 1984 in Sweden, as a supply chain service provider and distributor of raw material for the global pulp and paper industry. In 30 years, the company has grown exponentially to reach an annual trade volume exceeding 5 million tons and annual sales of USD $3 billion.

Recently, CellMark extended its traditional services portfolio for the global paper industry to other industry areas. Today, CellMark features following divisions & business units: CellMark Chemicals, CellMark Metals, CellMark Packaging, CellMark Paper, CellMark Pulp, CellMark Recycling, CellMark Basic Chemicals and CellMark Energy.

CellMark is truly global, with a network of 65 offices in 30 countries and a large number of representatives in other locations. Our sourcing activities extend to about 80 countries, with sales in more than 120 markets. The company is privately held and owned by its employees. The entire group has about 700 employees.

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