Carrolcote C1S

folding carton

Carrolcote C1S is a super high-yield board with a wash coated white-back. Our folding boxboard brings together versatility and high-level performance delivering superior results. The Carrolcote C1S board line boasts 89 brightness and a smooth surface. The nature of this board allows it to have higher bulk which helps achieve a lower MSF cost when quoting the next print job. It is also available with PE coating and KIT grease resistant levels of 4-12.window-cake-bakery-box-8-x-5-3-4-x-2-1-2-200-case

Designers and printers alike have come to trust our Carrolcote C1S board for their folding carton, food packaging, food trays and health and beauty packaging needs. It has high stiffness with excellent folding properties.

Count on MKD to help you receive the highest return on investment on your folding carton board projects. By providing our customers with supply chain solutions and deep-rooted international relationships with mills and suppliers, we help get your project to the market on time. With over 130 years experience in the paper supply industry, you can count on your project being produced with an unparalleled level of expertise.

We operate with traditional values, yet with an unrelenting, innovative spirit. We’ve seen the industry evolve first-hand. Throughout this, our family has been unwavering in always putting the customer first with the care of its resources and fostering relations with suppliers.

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Carrolcote C1S board

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Caliper PT 12 13.6 14.6 15.9 17.5 19.5 21.5 24.2
Basis Weight bs. size 24×36 123 132 144 154 166 181 200 221
Lbs/MSF 41 44 48 51.3 55.3 60.3 66.7 73.7
Brightness ISO % 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 89
Stiffness MD Taber 15 mNm 7.8 9.4 12.7 15.7 19.1 24.9 30.8 42.8
Stiffness CD Taber 15 mNm 3.8 4.6 6.4 7.6 9.5 12.3 15.2 20.9

  • Carrolcote C1S is a high yield board with a natural white-back for folding cartons.
  • SBS Equivalent board that provides value based on msf cost.
  • Available with PE Coating.
  • Available with KIT grease resistant levels 4-12.

  • Food packaging
  • Food trays
  • Health & beauty Packaging
  • General folding carton

  • PEFC Certified
  • Mill is ISO9001 [Quality Management], ISO14001 [Environmental Management], and OHSAS18001 [Health & Safety] Certified
  • FDA US 21 176.170 CFR Standard
  • REACH Compliant from SVHC Heavy Metals
  • ROHS Reach Compliant
  • CPSIA Heavy Metal Compliant
  • CONEG – Toxics in Packaging Tested •MSDS Sheet (Material Safety)
  • US EPA 5201A
  • DMF (Dimethyl fumarate)