Clayton C1S 30%PCW

Clayton C1SOur Clayton C1S 30% PCW revolutionary product line offers a breakthrough in environmentally conscious grades for all your multimedia, electronics, dry food and confectionary packaging needs. All materials used to produce this line have 30% post-consumer fiber content to satisfy the most rigorous requirements. It’s not just great for the environment, it’s great for business.

This folding carton board boasts a clean shade with an even surface and smooth triple coating to enable the best performance on the press. Clayton C1S board brings together versatility and consistent performance that is sure to please the most discerning customer.

Our Clayton C1S board line gives you the winning combination of up to 90 brightness with the look of an SBS quality that delivers consistent performance. Our folding carton board line is guaranteed to bring you a better product that yields better results. One of the unique feature of this board is the matte coating on the backside. This allows full printing on the backside in order to obtain a more natural matte look.

Clayton for multimediaThis grade is a perfect fit for the demand of 30%PCW board that has a virgin fiber look. Post-consumer material or waste paper, such as office paper and newspaper that has served its intended purpose and has been separated from solid waste to be recycled into new paper helps in the effort to minimize waste. The greater the percentage of post-consumer material in the paper, the less resource intensive it is because it is closer to true “closed-loop” recycling.

MKD consciously sources paper and board products from mills that operate in a safe and responsible way. This product line is available in PEFC. PEFC certification provides forest owners and manager—families, communities and companies—with access to the global marketplace for certified products.

For information about our Clayton C1S 30% PCW folding carton board, including product samples, data sheets or questions, please contact us today!

Clayton C1S Board

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Clayton 30% PCW C1S Board

Caliper PT 9.6* 11.40 12.20 13.40 14.60 15.20
Basis Weight bs. size 24×36 117 135 141 154 166 172
Lbs/MSF 39 45 47 51.3 55.3 57.3
Brightness ISO % 90 90 90 90 90 90
Stiffness MD Taber 15 mNm 3.3 5.4 6.3 8.1 10.6 11.8
Stiffness CD Taber 15 mNm 1.7 2.6 3.2 4.2 5.1 5.7

Caliper PT 16.30 18.10 19.30 21.90
Basis Weight bs. size 24×36 184 200 215 246
Lbs/MSF 61.3 66.7 71.7 82
Brightness ISO % 90 90 90 90
Stiffness MD Taber 15 mNm 13.3 14 20 29.5
Stiffness CD Taber 15 mNm 7.2 8.8 11 15

  • Clayton 30 %PCW is a breakthrough in environmentally conscious folding carton grades.
  • SBS equivalent grade that contains 30% post consumer waste content.
  • ISO brightness of 90 that is excellent for sharp graphics.
  • Exceptionally smooth printing surface and print gloss.

  • Folding Carton
  • Beauty & Healthcare
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Multimedia Packaging
  • Dry Food Packaging
  • Confectionary Packaging
  • Electronics Packaging

  • PEFC Available “•Mill is ISO9001 [Quality Management], ISO14001 [Environmental Management], and OHSAS18001 [Health & Safety] Certified”
  • FDA US 21 CFR Standard
  • REACH Compliant from SVHC Heavy Metals
  • ROHS Reach Compliant
  • CPSIA Heavy Metal Compliant
  • CONEG – Toxics in Packaging Tested •MSDS Sheet (Material Safety)
  • US EPA 5201A
  • DMF (Dimethyl fumarate)