Crown C1S Litho FSC

Crown C1S Litho FSC  is made with excellent sheet formation and dimensional stability for high-speed runability throughout the printing and lamination process. Its high smoothness yields a sharp dot transfer. Crown C1S FSC prints with noticeable bright graphics, high-gloss and uniform even surface.

A broad range of basis weights enable us to handle a variety of print projects ranging from cut and stack labels for cans and bottles, dust jackets for hardcover books to point of purchase displays and lamination on corrugated boxes. Our commitment to excellence shows in everything we do and that commitment is most evident in the quality of our product lines.

At MKD, we’ve assembled an extensive portfolio of coated papers. Our product lines are available in a wide range of weights and grades to meet all your printing needs and we continue to add and refine to the items, sizes and quantities we offer to our customers.

For information about our Crown C1S Litho FSC product line, including product samples, data sheets or questions, please contact us today!

Crown C1S Litho Label

Download Specs

Basis Weight Method 60 lb text 67.5 lb text 80 lb text 94.5 lb text
Caliper PT 3.15 3.50 4.13 4.84
Brightness ISO % 91 +/- 2 91 +/- 2 91 +/- 2 91 +/- 2
Opacity ISO % 92 +/- 2 94 +/- 2 96 +/- 2 98 +/- 2
Gloss % 72 +/- 3 72 +/- 3 73 +/- 3 73 +/- 3

  • Suitable for litho lamination and cut and stack labels.
  • High brightness and high print gloss label with a blue-white shade.
  • Maintains stability throughout the printing and lamination process.

  • Cut and stack labels for cans and bottles
  • Dust jackets for hardcover books
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Lamination on corrugated boxes