The information age has changed the way we use paper. This change has opened boundaries, making way for innovations and efficiencies for new grades of board with unique and eye-catching applications. From Top-sheet for litho-lamination and Blister board to super-high yield folding box board, our wide variety of high-performing products can meet the most demanding specifications for a range of end-uses and unique packaging solutions.

With our technical background and deep-rooted relationships with our suppliers, MKD is placing new paperboard grades in the U.S. market bringing you an innovative product that yields better results. Our alternative direction of paperboard sourcing focuses on high yield and low density grades to produce cost savings while protecting the environment. Family owned and operated, we have always placed our customers first. With this approach comes several benefits that our customers have come to enjoy including:

  • Alternative independent paperboard sourcing
  • Excellent logistics solutions
  • Cost savings on an MSF basis
  • Customized quality to fit the application
  • Superior printing surface
  • Environmentally certified products

MKD enhances and helps bridge the communication between mill and printer to build long-term relationships and create new programs and services. The mill by nature needs to move the product as it produces it, yet printers need product when the job is being scheduled to be on the press. To add to the equation, a product may be unique to a certain printer. As your single point of contact, MKD  is the streamlined solution that addresses both of these needs.

When you work with MKD, you get an international team of professionals with a technical background that will help maximize the results of your packaging needs. We do this by working side by side with your production team and provide expert advice on introducing a new grade to the plant. We communicate with you all aspects of your project from the savings desired to the degree of the change and adaptation possible in production. Once you set a target, we start working with your different departments to reach the goals set.