MKD International works with paper and board mills to develop grades to suit a specified end-use. We coordinate with the packaging and printing plants to reach the desired results. Grades like the Astir-Pak™ C1S + PE and Clayton Blister C1S were custom manufactured to the needs of our customers.

MKD chooses certain products that are used in other markets and makes them available as an innovative alternative in a new market. Astir-Pak™ C1S was introduced to the food packaging and foodservice markets as a high yield paperboard with major savings in materials used, and a positive impact to the environment. Astir-Pak™ C1S has a much lower carbon footprint. In the higher calipers it is about 16% lighter than standard density boards. This can create a savings of 1,000 tons for every 6,000 tons used! See our promo poster here.